The company’s African operations span through South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia and its strategy has shown significant results in improving the quality of life for the people, while nurturing the environment that has produced good quality coal, copper, iron ore and limestone.


The company’s operational activities in the country include the Kiepersol Colliery, which is an underground operation located within the jurisdiction of the Gert Sibande district in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

The Kiepersol Colliery remains a prominent producer of high quality anthracite and lean bituminous coal, which is sold on both the domestic and international metallurgical coal markets, and is all made possible with a dedicated private railway siding which forms the bulk of the company’s infrastructure, which in turn enables the mine to dispatch orders directly to clients and to the ports for exports thereby maintaining the high quality service and delivery standards its clients have become accustomed to.


The company feels that the biggest South African investment is on the horizon, with the current vision to substantially invest in the newest pipeline project, an iron ore development with a 20 MTPA operation at steady state. This magnetite resource with potential reserves of several billion tonnes is located 25 km South East of the Melmoth. Since acquiring these two respective areas, comprising of 21000 hectares, the company has aggressively commenced with exploration activities to prove their resource potential, approached the market to establish a pellet plant as well as appointed environmental consultants to commence with the environmental impact assessment and social studies. Thus, providing the necessary baseline survey to expedite the pre-feasibility study.


In neighbouring Mozambique, the company is at the forefront of the country’s energy revolution, where it is one of only three companies with mining rights in the coal-rich Moatize area.

This opencast coal mine, with a proven reserve of 700 MT and an expected life-of-mine of 25 years, commenced operations on its 10 MTPA coal mine, with the production of 3 MT in the first phase, during 2012. The last annual period has seen significant strides achieved towards the evacuation of the coking coal and high grade thermal coal, with the first shipment of 36000 metric tonnes of coal exported during the 1st quarter of 2013. With phase one complete and aiming for 3 MT by the end 2014, the substantial reserves unearthed will help to produce in excess of 10 MTPA of high grade coal from 2015 onwards.


In 2012 the company increased its portfolio of projects through the acquisition of Canadian listed coal company, CIC Energy Corp for approximately US $ 116 million.

The conclusion of this deal allows the company to access approximately 2.7 BT of measured and indicated resources, thus positioning it as a frontrunner to capitalise on the increasing demand for electricity on the African continent. The Jindal Mmamabula Energy Project is an extension of the Waterberg Coalfield in South Africa and is one of the largest undeveloped coal assets in the region.


Our presence in Tanzania is one of continual growth and expansion. The team is focused on exploration activities in base metals, precious metals and iron ore. The company has acquired several small-scale mining concessions in the central part of the country, and two prospecting licenses.

All the properties are at various stages of exploration including geological and geo-physical investigations, and the company is also looking for opportunities to develop advance stage exploration projects which can be developed into operating mines in the shortest possible time.


The Indian Ocean island nation’s treasure chest of limestone provides the company with access to more than 1 BT containing steel-grade deposits. Due to the abundance of the resource, the operations supply all the needs of the local industry. It also exports to help satisfy the 2 MT required by the company’s steel plants in India.

As we are doing in Mozambique, we are also developing port infrastructure in Madagascar to aid with the exporting of lime and other related resources. The port will be accessible to other local corporations, helping increase the export capacity and foreign currency earning capacity of the entire country.


Two copper concessions near the capital are at an exploration stage, with as yet unquantified amounts of reserves to be measured. A planned copper smelter will go a long way in ensuring the southern African nation’s ability to beneficiate its own metals and develop downstream industries, helping to increase employment in a region that relies economically on mining and direct foreign investment.


The company plans to operate an iron ore mine in the region of Khomas in Windhoek. It plans to explore these resources with the aim of developing a mine in the thriving and profitable mining sector of the country. The company has been involved in the exploration activities of the untapped region which represents about 30000 hectares of iron ore occurrence. The company aims to ascertain iron ore reserves in the region with the purpose of applying for mining rights, thereafter beginning with mining activities.


The company has acquired exploration permits for two iron ores with a total area of about 1500 sq. km. The phase one of exploration has been completed and the results are encouraging. The phase two exploration is under process. 


The company has singed power purchase agreement to set up a 350 MW (2 x 175 MW) coal based power plant in Senegal.

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