Corporate Social Responsibility
At JSIS, we work for the benefit of the Omani society with a special focus on local communities.
  • Regular blood donation camps in the company premises.
  • Project Vision: Regular eye checkup camps for school children and old age people in Liwa, Sohar, Sheenas and in Muscat
  • Ramadan Activities: Food packets distribution to poor people and handicapped organizations in Liwa, Sohar and Sheenas. Iftar support to various mosques, Karenkeshu programs for children in neighboring villages.
  • Vocational courses for children and adult during summer.
  • Donation of wheel chairs, Electrical beds, playing units and other tools for handicapped people.
  • Time to time support to various sports and cultural activities arranged by common public.

Year Wise Infrastructure Project Details

Year 2011-12

  • Construction of shade in Al Majis girls school.
  • Sea beach cleaning in Nabar village.
  • Construction of walkway from Sea beach to Nabar.
  • Construction of footpath with curbstone and interlocks in Road leading to Nabar Village from Liwa Service Road.

Year 2012-13

  • Construction of Football ground with all amenities in Liwa.

Year 2013-14

  • Construction of Children Park in Nabar village.
  • Construction of Quran school in Nabar village.
  • Construction of heritage village in Oman Women Association in Sheenas.

Year 2014-15

  • Construction of Multipurpose hall for Omaya Qais Bint School in Gadafan.
  • Construction of shops and Imam’s residence and Hall for Quran reading in Mosque, AL Multaqa.

Year 2015-16

  • Construction of Majlis (a general purpose hall) in Al Jufrah village near Al Multaqa, Sohar.
  • Construction of Football ground for Al Haad club Gadafan.

Year 2016-17

  • Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall for Al Noor Blind Association.

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