Inner Quality

The Quality Assurance department of the company is under the direct supervision of the top management and is aided by experts and quality professionals

The Laboratories are equipped with all latest analytical instruments:

  • Optical Emission Spectrometer, Metal Analyser.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence & X-Ray Diffraction Analyser.
  • LECO Analysers for Carbon /Sulphur, Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen.
  • Linder Test Apparatus for characteristics of Iron Ore/Pellets.
  • Gas Chromatograph.
  • Universal Testing Machines.
  • Hardness Tester.
  • Impact test Machines.
  • Well-equipped Wet Analysis Laboratory.

These adhere to all International Standards in testing and inspection to achieve total Customer Satisfaction.

Inspection Process:


To conduct inspection, testing, identification and traceability of materials and products in various stages of production in accordance with the applicable International Standard specifications and customer requirements.


The process covers inspection, testing, identification and traceability of the product from receipt stage, in process inspection and final inspection till dispatch.


Direct Reduced Iron Unit (Hot DRI & Hot Briquetted Iron):

The Iron Ore pellets are tested for Chemical constituents like Iron, Silica, Alumina etc. and physical properties like size, Tumbler Index, Abrasion Index to ensure the quality of incoming raw materials. The analysis of Natural gas is done to organic compound and calorific value.

The discharged HDRI /HBI is tested every two hours to know the Metallic Iron, Total Iron and Gangue materials. In case of any abnormalities in Specification, the materials are stacked separately as non-Prime material, accordingly CAPA (Corrective action & preventive action) are made and implemented.

Steel Melting Shop (SMS):

In the SMS plant the Hot DRI/HBI is processed in an Electric Arc Furnace,Ladle Refining Furnace to achieve precision control of chemistry of the molten metal. The hot molten metal is checked for its chemical composition on Optical Emission Spectrometer till the required chemistry is achieved. Depending upon the composition required, various Ferro alloys are added to it. In case of Alloy Steel/Special steel the metal is again processed in Vacuum Degasser .The value of Oxygen/Hydrogen are monitored from online analyzer in SMS. Then the molten steel with requisite chemical composition is sent to the continuous casting unit for casting billet.

Continuous Casting Machine (CCM):

The billets are checked online for physical properties, in case of any abnormalities QA Inspector advises to stop casting the particular strand and to take immediate action in this regard.

The product is marked cast number in cooling bed by Auto-Marker and further marked by Hot Chalk. The billets are inspected for the surface condition, length and other physical properties and then tested for its chemical composition. The regular check of Macro in each heat is done to ensure the internal quality as per agreed specifications. In case of any abnormalities, the material is declared as Non-Prime and the CAPA is prepared in discussion with concerned persons and implemented.

All prime material comes with JSIS Test Certificates.

Rolling Mill:

The billets are then taken for production in the Rolling Mill. During the production process, inspection is done at various stages. The Mechanical testing to ascertain Tensile and Yield Strength is being done for each batch. The finished product is then subjected to final inspection (visual inspection & physical property). The prime product is stacked as per specifications/size/customer.

The entire production process is monitored for all the aspects, e.g. quality, consumption norms, size, specifications, customer etc. via an integrated SAP networking which ensures online data with complete transparency.

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