About Rebars

About Rebars
Reinforcement Steel Bar or Rebar is embedded in concrete to improve the overall strength of the concrete that surrounds it

Jindal Panther Rebars are produced from in house Billets manufactured through DRI, EAF and Continuous Casting route under stringent quality control measures to ensure superior chemistry with zero surface defects & minimum impurities.

Billets after reheating and passing through Descaler unit are rolled in a State of the art continuous rolling mill at high speed where stands are placed in H-V combination and are finished at Danieli Fast Finishing Blocks to get

  • Uniform cross section with better dimensional accuracies throughout the length.
  • Correct shape with better rib design.

After rolling, Bars are Thermo Mechanically Treated at most advance QTB (Quenched & Tempered Bar) Technology supplied by Danieli having microprocessor and automation system for controlled cooling for water quenching and tempering process to get high yield strength and superior mechanical properties:

International Specifications:

Sl No International Standard/Grade Application
01 BS:4449-1997 Grade 460B Concrete reinforcement
02 BS:4449-2005 Concrete reinforcement
03 ASTM A615 Grade 40/60/75 Concrete reinforcement
SSA 2/1992
ASTM A1035
Concrete Reinforcement
Low-alloy High Strength Corrosion resistance rebar for concrete reinforcement
06 ASTM A706 Grade 60/Grade 80 Low-Alloy Steel earth-quake resistance rebar for concrete reinforcement

Note: Other specifications as per any international standard or meeting any other special requirement can be supplied as per customer’s requirement.

Linear Mass and number of rebars in 2 MT

Diameter in mm Nominal Weight per unit length in Kg/M Nominal Cross-section Area (mm2) Minimum number of bars in 12 M length (-0/+100 mm) of 2 MT bundle
8 0.395 50.27 422
10 0.617 78.54 270
12 0.888 113.1 188
14 1.210 153.9 138
16 1.580 201.1 105
18 2.000 254.5 83
20 2.470 314.2 67
22 2.980 380.1 56
25 3.850 490.9 43
28 4.830 615.8 34
32 6.310 804.2 26
36 7.990 1017.9 21
40 9.864 1256.6 17

Marking and labeling

The surface of rebars can be marked with identification mark to state the name of manufacturer, Brand Name, Trade mark etc. The registered trade mark (JINDAL with Logo) will be put on every rebar at an interval of about one meter along the length with all other identification marks as per UK Cares norm.

The rebar bundles are tied with label containing the following data:

  • Name / trade mark of the manufacturer
  • Name of the customer
  • Contract no
  • Specification
  • Country of destination
  • Diameter
  • Heat number/Batch number
  • Bundle weight
  • Made in Oman

Cut and bend rebars

Modern structures designed by engineers around the world need steel rebars to be cut and bend to exact specifications, ensuring precision and consistency. The traditional way of cutting and bending rebars has a number of limitations as it is done manually using unskilled labour and hand tools.

We can supply customized solutions meeting the specific cut and bend requirement, made from specialized, sate of the art machinery that meets the exact specification eliminating wastage .Since the cutting is done in a controlled factory environment customers do not have to worry about reselling of scrap generated.

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