Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel LLC is committed to ensure Zero harm to its employees, contractors’ employees and other stakeholders. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is considered as topmost priority, with the following objectives.
  • Prevent Accidents & Occupational Illness.
  • Comply with relevant legal requirements.
  • Safety awareness to all.
  • Enhance & Promote OHS.
  • Participatory OHS Management.

The company implements a comprehensive occupational health and safety (OHS) management system that conforms to the latest international standards. The OHS system comprises an incident prevention program, including Permit to work system, near miss & incident reporting and investigation system, hazards identification and communication, emergency preparedness plan, training, personal protective equipment and incentive schemes. The incident prevention programs are designed to provide an injury free working environment to ensure healthy and motivated workforce. The company’s efforts in this direction have proved to be rewarded and has been certified for IMS (OHSAS 18001and ISO: 9001 & ISO: 14001) standards and CARES standards.

Some of the other initiatives of Jindal Shadeed establishing a safety culture include:

  1. HSE induction for all employees, contractor workers and visitors. Conducting test after HSE induction.
  2. Well laid Safety Work Permit system. Local language Arabic is also incorporated along with English in the formats of permits. Hazards identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) and Safety tool box talk are the part of Work Permit System.
  3. Lockout and Tagout system is in place to ensure isolation of all types of energy before start of any maintenance and is the part of Permit to Work System.
  4. Weekly Plant Safety Inspection (PSI) by cross functional team and fortnightly PSI by cross-plant cross functional team.
  5. Safety Guide booklet (English & Arabic) issued to all employees.
  6. Checking of toxic and flammable gasses in the potential exposure area on daily basis.
  7. Practices of PSSR (Pre-startup Safety Review).
  8. Safety meeting with employees and contractors.
  9. System for reporting “Near Miss” Incident.
  10. Root cause (why – why) analysis is done for the incidents to prevent its recurrence.
  11. To minimize / prevent the manual handling and related illness / injury, BOT (Battery operated trucks), FLT (Fork lift trucks) etc. are provided with its controlled driving.
  12. Regular health monitoring of employees and special health checkup of those who are required to work at height.


(ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001)

Shadeed Iron and Steel LLC, manufacturer of Hot Direct Reduced Iron (HDRI), Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI), Square and Round Billets/Blooms, Rebars is dedicated and committed to :

  • Pursue the highest possible standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.
  • Exceed customer expectations by providing quality products, expertise and services.
  • Steadily adhere to well established Management Systems, continually improve our products, processes, systems and QHSE performance.
  • Comply with all applicable statutory, regulatory and other requirements with respect to Environmental Aspects, Occupational Health and Safety to which organization subscribes.
  • Implement the best available technologies to minimize environmental impacts and reducing the consumption of energy and natural resources.
  • Periodical review of Environmental Aspects & Impacts , Objectives & Targets for reduction of environmental impacts.
  • Prevent occupational injury and illness within our premises by applying OH&S systems and procedures to achieve “Zero Harm”.
  • Proactively monitor the incidents, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, hygiene as well as promptly report and act on such conditions.
  • Implement ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 through proper training and awareness to our employees, contractors and other stakeholders.

Shadeed Iron and Steel is committed to communicate this policy and made aware to all its employees, vendors, stakeholders and interested parties. This policy shall be reviewed periodically and continually improved to ensure its suitability and effectiveness.

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