Shaped by an organization’s level of maturity, compliance, efficiency and core business strategy, Sustainability can have different meanings for different organizations.

Sustainability at Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel LLC (JSIS) means ensuring the organization’s holistic growth with authenticity, such that we are able to ensure our organization’s long term success as well as contribute significantly towards building a better world.  JSIS is committed to the following goals:

  • Ensuring compliance and raw material security
  • Establishing sustainable steel and power production processes
  • Building an authentic corporate identity and brand
  • Enabling innovation
  • Attracting and nurturing leaders
  • Maintaining robust internal management processes
  • Motivating employees to innovate, be dynamic and provide leadership on issues critical to the state of the world.

DCLD 2018 - Download here

IMS POLICY - Download here

ISO9001 - Download here

ISO14001 - Download here

OHSAS18001 - Download here

Product Conformity - Download here

QualityManagementSystem - Download here

SASO AMMENDED - Download here

Sustainability Policy - Download here

Stakeholder Engagement Method - Download here

Responsible Sourcing Policy - Download here

Code of Conduct - Download here

Materiality Matric - Download here

Maturity Matrix - Download here

Environmental Performance Report - Download here

Whistle Blower Policy - Download here

Human Rights Policy - Download here

Stakeholder complaint form - Download here

Green Procurement policy - Download here

Local Procurement Policy - Download here

CSR Policy - Download here

Innovation Policy - Download here

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