Inner New Technology


DRI Plant

Upgradation of NGPT Unit

The NGPT at Shadeed had the temperature limitation of -45 degree Celsius, beyond which temperature cannot be reduced for higher hydrocarbon separation.


Because of this temperature restriction, higher hydrocarbon carryover took place in the Process Natural Gas which resulted in carbon deposition in reformer tubes, subsequent plant shutdown and carbon burnout almost once in every month.

The reason for this is the Material of Construction of Cold Separator.

In May 2013, the Material of Construction changed from Carbon Steel to Stainless steel for the Cold Separator and its associated piping was also changed.

After modification, the temperature of Natural gas has been taken down up to -67 degree Celsius. Significant quality improvement found in Natural gas and carbon deposition is greatly reduced.

Top Gas Duct Modification

Spent gas after reduction, comes out from the shaft furnace where it gets cooled and recycled back. This Gas passes through the refractory duct before it cools down in the scrubber. More erosion of refractory was taking place and resulting in Hot spots and leakage, resulting in shutdown.

In 2015 Annual Shutdown- New Water cooled Top Gas Duct Modification was done. This will eliminate repair work of castable and erosion of duct and also to avoid any toxic gas leakage.

RO Plant


Reverse Osmosis plant is provided with Energy recovery device, Brine water (Reject from membranes) energy will be transferred to RO Feed water. ERD System had hydraulic valves, due to frequent failure of these valves & more fluctuation in the RO Process along with Mixing of feed water and Brine water which resulted in loss in water generation and membranes getting affected.

In 2013-ERI system has installed for energy recover from brine water.

Fluctuation in the RO process is minimized. Mixing % Came down to <1% from 20%.

Steel Melt Shop

Hot Direct Charging Technology:

At Jindal Shadeed, Hot DRI to EAF is delivered using Hot Direct Charging Technology, employing the Gravity Feeding system. The feeding system is first of its kind in the world and it minimizes handling and associated losses.

It is simple, reliable and economical means for retaining the sensible heat contained in Hot DRI. The Hot DRI is delivered at 650 degree C to EAF thereby reducing Power and Electrode consumption.

Secondary Refining – Vacuum Degasser:

8 mechanical pump system for vacuum generation- One of the largest in the world, totally excludes the requirement of dedicated steam generation unit.

8 Strand Combi Caster:

One of the largest casters in the world, capable of casting both square & round sections from 100 mm square to 406 dia. rounds.

Rolling Mill

Danieli QTB Process Benefits:

Jindal Shadeed Rolling Mill is equipped with latest state of the art Danieli QTB process. It is a surface quenching and self-tempering process, executed directly from the rolling heat by accurately controlling the pressure & flow parameters of cooling water as per product requirement. The desired mechanical properties are obtained by set up of surface quenching process.

The main objective of QTB (Quenched & Tempered Bars) process is to improve the mechanical properties of Rebars used for construction. The technological properties of QTB bars are even superior to micro alloyed steels or low alloyed steel bars.

QTB process which converts low carbon steel into high strength bars with a guaranteed yield strength complying to customer specifications. Following are the main properties required in bars for construction:-

JSIS Rolling Mill has the following special features:

  • Yield Strengths levels as per international and GCC standards (ASTM A615, BS 4449, DIN, DCLD, SASO, PDO, ISO 6935-2 etc.).
  • Good values of Ductility and elongation.
  • Optimum bendability.
  • Better homogeneity of mechanical properties.
  • Improved weldability
  • Scale free bright re-bars compared to standard production route.
  • Facilities for hot charging.

With the facility of hot charging, this mill will be the most efficient in the region reducing significantly to the carbon footprint.

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